Riddles are for adults too! Think you’re old enough to solve these hard & funny riddles for adults? Then let’s put that brain of yours to the test. You are never too old to exercise your mind with riddles, which are an excellent tool for keeping your mind sharp, honing your mental skills and, of course, having a good time!

These riddles for adults with answers are great for parties, a get together, adult learning and just to have some fun. As a side note, these are all clean riddles, not dirty riddles. We have organized these riddles into three sections, with the first being a general collection of riddles and answers for adults. Following this are special sections for funny riddles for adults and hard riddles for adults.

Riddles and Answers for Adults

I can be crushed to pieces but only if I am given away first, I can be clogged and attacked but that’s usually my own doing. No matter how many problems I have, you wouldn’t dare let me go. What am I?
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A heart
I flop around on sticks and sometimes you cheer me as I do, I desperately need a white powder to do what needs to be done, and looking at me you might wonder why I look like I am about to go swimming. What am I?
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A gymnast
What is the only 5 letter word that becomes larger when you add the letter “r” to it?
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The word “large”
I have a home and a big space, I have keys but I have no locks, I have lots of letters but I have no mailbox. What am I?
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A computer keyboard
What can you stick between a 3 and a 4 so that the result is more than three but less than four?
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A point, dot or period (3.4)
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Dark or white, sweet or bitter, sometime I can be Belgian and sometimes I can be Swiss. What am I?
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I love sugars and treats, I am a little critter and I sound a lot like your Mom and Dad’s sister. What am I?
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An ant
People say I put doctors out of business, sometimes I am sour, sometimes I am sweet, I can be eaten and can also be drunk. What am I?
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An apple
Hillary went out to dinner at a restaurant. She lost something very important. She looked everywhere but to no avail. Suddenly a beautiful waitress came up to her with the very thing she was looking for. What did the waitress say to Hillary?
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Here’s your Bill
You can find me in the Earth, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter but not in Venus and Neptune. What am I?
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The letter R
If Joe is hungry and has 6 apples with him, 2 in his hands, one on his lap and 3 on the table, why is he not eating them?
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Because they are all apple products (iPhones, iPods, Macbooks)
Kids get high on me, I make them go wild and then they crash whenever they have too much of me? Am I a drug? What am I?
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I can be English, Roman, Latin or Greek. I come in different amounts and you can mix and match me and I can take on an almost infinite number of forms. What am I?
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The alphabet
What did the subtraction symbol do on Facebook to the number two that made the number two very sad?
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He refused to add him
According to the encyclopedia which comes first, the chicken or the egg?
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The chicken because the encyclopedia is in alphabetical order
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Funny Riddles for Adults

funny riddles for adultsWho doesn’t like to laugh? If you don’t, then we need to send you over to our collection of super serious riddles right now! Just kidding, we don’t have one of those but we do have a huge collection of funny riddles. We love funny riddles for adults that will tickle your funny bone and have everyone around you smiling. It can be a challenge finding good riddles for adults because most are geared towards younger minds, which is why we created this collection. So get ready to make your cheeks hurt with these hilariously silly and funny riddles for adults with answers!

How did Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune make up the solar system?
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They plan-et
If you combine hungry people, gambling and hippies what do you get?
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A potluck
Why did the male janitor get in trouble for going out with the female coal miner?
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Because she’s a minor

What word in the dictionary is hilarious?

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The word “hilarious”
What kind of money do guacamole and salsa need in order for them to go gambling?
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Corn chips
How can you tell that Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are about to get married?
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Because they all have rings

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What did the smelly feet and smelly shoes say to each other before going to a long day walking?
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This socks
What food is so funny that it can be a comedian?
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What did Roger rabbit give to Jessica rabbit when they got engaged?
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Am eighteen carrot ring
What did the ice cream say to the spoon when they are romancing each other?
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Spoon me!
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Hard Riddles for Adults With Answers

hard riddles for adultsGot a big brain? Then these hard riddles for adults are for you. These are some of our more challenging riddles. And for those of us with truly Einsteinian brains with an insatiable thirst for brain teaser riddles for adults, if this isn’t enough for you, then head on over to our hard riddles for more. So stretch out your mental muscles, do a few brain calisthenics and get ready for some of our most difficult riddles for adults.

Every day people all over the world come to see me, but they rarely stay for more than a few minutes. I am considered very dirty by most people yet they still wouldn’t want a home without me.
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A toilet
How can you add eight 2s together so that they make up a total of 250?
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If all Puffins are Drabbles, all Munklins are Shapribs, no Quaggles are Munklins, and all Drabbles are Munklins, is it the case that all Munklins are Drabbles?
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No, it is not
I only come out at night, but not every night and I am not sleeping in the day. In fact I am always there, you just often don’t see me. Some people think I look like a bunny, whereas others claim I look like a person.
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The moon
I am short, I come second among a dozen, and every four years I change in a way that none of the other dozen do. What am I?
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The month of February
A pair of glasses and a glasses case cost a total of $110. The case costs $100 less than the pair of glasses. How much do the pair of glasses cost?
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$105 (not $100)
I am long and cylindrical, I live in a house that can make you fall down, but I can also easily be crushed in the palm of your hand. What am I?
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A banana
You see me 3 times in December, once in June, twice in November but never in July. What am I?
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The letter E
If 666 = 3, 99 = 2, 88 = 4, 0 = 1, 5555 = 0, 92= 1, 236 = 1, 832 = 2, then what does 9236 equal?
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Two. Each circle within a number is equivalent to one. For instance, the numbers 6 and 9 are equal to one because they have one circle and the number 8 is equal to 2 because of its two loops.
I have two different cases but I never win nor never lose and never need a lawyer.
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Letters (upper and lower case)
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