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Funny Riddles with Answers

What kind of cup has holes in it when it is new, is designed to withstand a heavy beating and should never be used for drinking?
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An athletic cup
People usually come see me almost every single day and often many times a day. Despite this, people often consider me to be very dirty. Even though I will never speak to anyone, people will always show me a part of themselves that they rarely show to anyone else. What am I?
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A toilet
What do teens say when they are having difficulty with even numbers in their math class?
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I can’t even
Imagine that you are trapped inside a windowless building with nothing but a box of matches, 3 candles and a ceramic mug. The flood waters are rising and are currently up to your neck. The door is hopelessly locked and there is no one within 500 miles of you. How can you get out of this situation?
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Stop imagining
What word in the dictionary is hilarious?
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How did Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune make up the solar system?
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They plan-et
I am hot, sometimes soft, sometimes hard, sometimes runny and loose, sometimes I float, sometimes I sink but whatever form I take on I always go out and never in. What am I?
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I am poop
What did addition say to subtraction when they discovered each other on Facebook?
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Add me
What do you get when you combine Brazil nuts, Chinese chestnuts and American beech nuts?
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Mixed nuts
I have branches, sometimes a few and other times hundreds or more, but I have no fruit, trunk or leaves. What am I?
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A bank
What gift should you give blind people, drunks, and nerds for Christmas?
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Why do we always feel like we can’t live without our phone, almost to the point that it seems as if it is a part of our very cells themselves?
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Because it’s a cellular phone
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What book do teenagers and millennials love the most and voluntarily spend hours looking through?
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What is old, white, republican, old, white, republican, and old, white, and republican?
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Donald Trump riding a merry-go-round
If you are in Europe and one of your feet is in Germany while the other is in Belgium, then what country would you really be in?
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The Nether-lands
What do Delhi, Mexico, Guinea, Castle, Jersey and Foundland have in common?
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They all have a new version
If French call donuts Beignets, Israelis call donuts Sufganiyah, Spanish people call donuts Churro then how do Jamaicans call their donuts?
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Cinna-mon donuts
If Trump and Daisy Duck had a son what would they name him?
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Donald Duck
What did the 3 little pigs do as they were running away from the big bad wolf who tried to destroy their houses?
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Wee wee
I am American, I am also Singaporean, Australian and Hong Kongese. I am greatly valued by the people of all these countries plus more. Every day I am traded all over the world. What am I?
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Funny Riddles for Kids

funny riddles and answersWhile the funny jokes and riddles above really could be for both adults or kids, the riddles below are specifically made for children and will not only be more appropriate for their intellectual level but also will be more relatable to kids than some of the riddles above. These funny riddles for kids are perfect for challenging your kids while keeping them entertained, are great for school and birthday parties, or to just make them smile when they’re having a down day. Get ready to get a humorous kick out of these silly riddles with answers for kids.

What did the depressed math book say to the calculator, notebook, and dictionary?
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I have way too many problems
What can’t you find in European countries like Monaco, Spain, Germany and France that you’ll find in Asian countries like, Brunei, Papua New Guinea and Bhutan?
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The letter U
How many seconds are there in January?
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Just one: January 2nd

If you find Pope Francis in the Vatican, Kim Jong Un in North Korea and Donald Trump in the United States, then in what country can you find Santa?

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In Pole-Land

What did the right eyebrow say to the left eyebrow?

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You seem surprised to see me
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I come in different colors, sometimes I am hot, sometimes I am sweet, I’m sorry I can’t answer you because even though I have a bell it doesn’t ring. What am I?
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Bell peppers
Representatives from Brazil, Chile, and Turkey went to the World Food Program meeting. They went in search of the leader of the program. What question did they ask in order to find the leader?
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Are you Hungary?
What did A say to D when he was looking for E?
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Go away, he’s B C
What has a head, tail, large feet, a pocket and is named Joey?
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A kangaroo
Why did the bread, muffin, cookie and graham crackers go to see a doctor?
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Because they were all feeling crummy
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Funny Riddles for Adults

funny riddles for adultsBelow is a collection of funny riddles for adults with answers. While there are many funny hard riddles from the first category above that could also be perfect for adults, this section is designed specifically with adults in mind and may be too difficult or inappropriate for kids. Please keep in mind that these are funny clean riddles, but we do have a hilarious collection of dirty riddles for those so inclined. Have a great time with these hilarious riddles for adults and don’t forget to share the laughter and mental stimulation with others!

I have married so many people, many more than most, and people continue to ask me to marry them. I always say yes, yet I am and always have been single. Who am I?
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We fit perfectly together
What did the terrified pirate yell to the prostitute pilot who was widly and dangerously flying the airplane?
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Land ho!
What do the piggy bank, the government and children have in common?
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It’s easy to give them money, but harder to get it back
A group of religious bi-sexuals really wanted to get a pet. They decided that it had to represent something religious as well as their sexual orientation. What pet do you think they chose?
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A bi-bull
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What is Mrs. Right’s first name?
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How would it be possible for an unhappily married couple who can’t stand being around each other and are contemplating divorce enjoy a romantic meal and a bottle of wine at the same restaurant?
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They can go to the same restaurant at different times
What did the piece of wood say when he saw the screwdriver and screws approaching?
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I’m screwed
Why was the leader of al-qaeda moody, frustrated, angry and easily annoyed?
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Because he has not Bin-laid-en a long time
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What would be the favorite vegetable of hippies, Snoop Dogg, teenagers and stoners? Pot-tatoes
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Where did Bill Clinton and all the married men who are cheating to their wives take their mistresses shopping?
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At Victoria’s secret
Why would female hippies be attracted to and want to marry Willie Nelson?
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So they would have a joint bank account
As Santa got older, he started to struggle to walk well. He tried using a walker and a wheelchair, but these didn’t work well for him. The doctor finally found the perfect thing for him. What was it?
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A candy cane
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