Experiment with these challenging and funny science riddles with answers! School your friends with this collection of both easy & hard science riddles for kids, students & adults. From biology, to chemistry to quantum physics, no matter what you want discipline you are looking for, these science riddles will help stretch your mind and test your limits and that of your friends and family.

Think you’re wise? Think you’re smart? Love science? Get a kick out of chemistry jokes? Then these riddles about science were made for you. Science teachers, use these riddles in your class to help get your students interested in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the world and how it operates.

science riddles with answers

The first collection below is a bit more advanced and can be considered mostly hard science riddles for adults, though anyone can give them a shot and learn from them. The collection after that are more easy science riddles for kids, though they can still be a challenge. We hope you enjoy this body of riddles knowledge!


Science Riddles With Answers

What kind of chemical element hates to be a follower?
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What did the chemistry teacher do with his dead pet?
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What is the loneliest of all physics concepts?
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The singularity
What would you call a re-make of the classic film Tron?
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Which weighs more a ton of concrete or a ton of feathers?
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They both weigh the same (a ton)
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What periodic element do pyromaniacs love the most?
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I come as a gas and I get in line with neon. I am also known as the home of a very super person. What am I?
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I am said to be only one dimension, and as small as can be, some say I am the foundation of all that you see. What am I?
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A string (from String Theory)
Ronnie’s teacher told him that he and his classmates all had to dress up as a part of the body for the school’s Halloween party. The teacher also said it couldn’t be the same old thing, it had to be something new. Ronnie had the perfect idea. What costume did he come up with?
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Neuron (new-Ron)
What is the most uninteresting of all the periodic elements?
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What two periodic elements, when combined, heal?
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Helium and Aluminum (HE + AL)
What are the only two periodic elements to have the state of a liquid?
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Mercury and Bromine
I am a black hole’s equivalent of a one-way street. What am I?
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The event horizon (a boundary in which nothing can ever leave, only get pulled in)
What four periodic elements, when combined, make up something that terrifies criminals?
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Carbon, Oxygen, Phosphorous & Sulfur (C + O + P + S)
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What period of time has the least weight?
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A light year
I am the toe that every scientist would love to have as their own, yet there has never been a single person who has had a toe that everyone agreed is the best. What kind of toe am I?
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Theory of everything (also called a TOE in the scientific community)
What number do Nickel and Neon make when combined?
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Nine (NI + NE)
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Science Riddles for Kids

science riddles for kids

While the science riddles with answers from the previous collection vary in difficulty, they are mostly geared towards adults, however anyone could enjoy the challenge. However if you are looking for science riddles for kids, then the ones here will be more appropriate. Whether you need science riddles for middle school, elementary, high school or college, you should find some good science riddles for students here. Or if you are looking for more, check out these riddles for kids. We hope you and those you share these riddles related to science with enjoy them!

I can rush, I can be still, I can be hot, I can be cold, I can be hard, I can slip through almost anything. What am I?
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It is impossible for me to be created, and I can never ever be destroyed, I can only change form. What am I?
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You cannot see me, I cannot be touched, you cannot feel me, but I can cook your lunch!
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A microwave particle
Your mom and dad each gave you 23 of these threadlike strands and they helped to make you who you are today.
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The universe is believed to be expanding. But what is it expanding into?
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That is a riddle yet to be solved. Perhaps you will find the solution someday.
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What did the fox scientist name his laboratory?
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I make up about three-fourths of all the universe and almost nothing is known about me. What am I?
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Dark energy
What scientist is the least interesting to listen to?
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Niels Bohr
What is a Christian priest’s favorite part of physics?
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Of all the glands, I am known as the master because I boss around the other endocrine glands and tell them what to do. But even though I am a bit bossy, you need me for many things, such as secreting hormones required for sexual development and promoting bone and muscle growth.
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Pituitary gland
When two light nuclei become one, I liberate quite a bit of nuclear energy? What am I?
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Nuclear fusion

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I was once an old massive star and soon I will be a brightly colored gas cloud, but for now I am a massive explosion. What am I called?

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I am a hypothetical tunnel, a short cut if you will, of space-time which connects far away regions. I am a what?
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I can be good for you, I can be bad, I can be found all over inside and outside your body. I am microscopic, single-celled and have no nucleus.
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I was once called an embryo, but I have now gone through more than eight weeks of development, so my name is now changed to what?
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I know you may like to eat sugar, but when you eat too much of it and your blood-sugar levels rise, then my good friend Pancreas releases me into the bloodstream to restore blood sugar levels to their norm.
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I am the amount of mass per volume in something. I am low in Styrofoam and very high in the chemical element lead.
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Without me as a part of your brain, you would lose your posture and balance and be unable to coordinate muscle movements. I always hang out near my good friend the brainstem.
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